Chiropractic is widely recognized as one of the safest, drug-free, non-invasive therapies available
for the treatment of headache, and neck and back pain. It has an excellent safety record.

If you are a new patient, please find the Patient Information Form and Informed Consent Form here to print out and complete at your convenience in advance of your first visit.

Straighten Up Canada – a free app to help improve posture and spinal health.

Dr. Stuart McGill, a world leader in spinal biomechanics research, dispels myths about back injuries and gives suggestions on exercises.

Not sure what exercises are right to improve neck and shoulder mobility, strength, and posture? The Canadian Chiropractic Guidelines Initiative (CCGI)’s CCGI YouTube Channel has what you are looking for.

If you are looking to stabilize your core and protect your spine, this article demonstrates and describes Dr. Stuart McGill’s Big Three Exercises

Here are five effective back pain prevention exercises – check in with us to see if these are right for you.

The EmbraceAir Plus backrest is endorsed by spine biomechanics expert Dr. Stuart McGill. Contact our office for a discount coupon.